my pals of RolloverBeethoven asked me a couple of weeks ago a podcast for their summer series.


2 parts of baleacid
4 parts of disco
8 parts of house
citrus peel for garnish

shake it and you’ll have my POOL PARTY MIX!


Sun is Shining 2014 by Scuola Furano by Rollover Beethoven on Mixcloud

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Last June in Barcelona i played in a Sonar After Party with pals from Neonized. While i was preparing the record bag and USB keys i realized that something was missing, an exclusive remix for a proper pool party! So here it is my special version of “I’m every woman” from Whitney Houston! Enjoy it and have nice vacations!

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Loved Chet Faker’s new album that’s why i did this acid/balearic edit just for celebrate springtime! Vamos!

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Just two days ago arrived another bunch of good feedbacks from djs and radio around the world about Danceteria and the remixes pack featuring my pals Broke One, The Supermen Lovers and Softwar.

In case you missed the music check below and then read some feedbacks around! Yeah!


SEVERINO (HORSE MEAT DISCO) – Danceteria – 4/5 – “Super fun Scuola Furano rmx”
PHILIPPE ZDAR (CASSIUS) – Danceteria -3/5 – “Love this song!!”
SEAN JOHNSTON (A LOVE FROM OUTHER SPACE) – Danceteria – 5/5- “This is great”

TOMMIE SUNSHINE – Danceteria (The Supermen Lovers remix) – 5/5 – “Italo forever!!”
DIMITRI FROM PARIS – Danceteria (The Supermen Lovers remix) – 4/5 – “Nice to have a proper song for a change”
DISKJOKKE – Danceteria (The Supermen Lovers remix) – 4/5 – “Lovely original, lovely remix by Supermen Lovers”
DJ T – Danceteria (The Supermen Lovers remix) – 3/5 – “thank you for good music”

THE SWISS – Danceteria (Softwar remix) – 4/5
BONAR BRADBERRY (PBR STREETGANG) – Danceteria (Softwar remix) – 4/5 – “Nice stuff”
ARNAUD REBOTINI – Danceteria (Softwar remix) – 4/5 – “Groovy”
TONY HUMPHRIES – Danceteria (Softwar remix) – 4/5 – “Nice hyped mixes expecially Softwar”

TENSNAKE – Danceteria (Broke One remix) – 4/5 – “Love the Broke One remix”
DANNY TENAGLIA – Danceteria (Broke One remix) – 3/5
SISTER BLISS – Danceteria (Broke One remix) – 5/5 – “Full support!”

TODD EDWARDS – Danceteria (Scuola Furano remix) – 4/5 – “Love this”
JULIAN SANZA (20:20 SOUNDSYSTEM) – Danceteria (Scuola Furano remix) – 4/5
JUSTIN FAUST – Danceteria (Scuola Furano remix) – 4/5
MOUSSE T – Danceteria (Scuola Furano remix) – 4/5 – “Nice one”

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Leandro Cano is a spanish fashion designer. And yes, he’s very good designer, check HERE if you want….

His latest collection 083º (body temperature when a person dies) won the first Samsung EGO prize matching fashion and technology, putting inside each dress a technologic automation.

I simply brought on the catwalk an original music combining the Andalusian origines of the stylist, the collection’s darkness and a proper sound for each automation. Enjoy it!

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New mixtapes with a bunch of old stuff and something new, like Softwar’s rmx of Danceteria, HERE, for my pals of Red Bull Music (plus an italian interview)!

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New single, very good feedbacks, mix tapes…. and HERE, in italian, some answers about music, my life abroad and the ABC of disco mixed all in, obviously, 15 minutes… enjoy!

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