Scuola Furano is Marco Busolini and Borut Viola, two young djs and producers from Gorizia, a city in the north east of Italy.


They debuted with their first album (Scuola Furano) in October 2004 released by the indie label Riotmaker. Following a childhood spent listening to Rap and Hip-hop they were stroke by the new European electronic dance-oriented scenes so they decided to start working with something that remind the sound of N.Y. in the first 80s, when Disco, Old School Rap, Electro and Punk were matched up with no barriers. After three years working on this project, what was initially just a concept and a vision, it then became an album mixing old school rap lyrics with dance instrumental, all revisited with a fresh 2005 italo-funk view. They produced a video which was showed by the three most important music channels in Italy: All Music (guest + interview), MTV (guest + interview) and YOS TV, a division of MTV that play only no-commercial music (in heavy rotation).

They became the "Italian dance newcomer" and start to travel the Italian clubs with their live set, 45 minutes of drum machines, sinthetizers, samples and rap-a-like singing. After spending all the summer & autumn 2005 djing and performing at events such as "Island of MTV", "Arezzo Wave","55DSL-FeelAtHome" and "Club2Club Festival" besides Tiga,Carl Craig,Nathan Fake,Spektrum,Munk,Who Made Who,Stylophonic,Snoop Doggy Dog,Chemical Brothers and touching all the most important cities in Italy they have been doing their job as remixer. Confusional Quartet "Guerra in Africa" remix has been receiving amazing feedback from the UK and "Experiment" of Santos as well, as a result Mantra Vibes decided to team up with the band to produce the new "MAX POWER" EP.

April 2006 it's the Max Power month.Tracks like G-Funk3000 and Beverly climb up the charts,soon at top 10 in DMC buzz chart,BBC1 Annie Mac & the Trophy Twins charts and supported by Freeform Five,Dave Piccioni,Nico de Ceglia,etc...They spent all the first half of the year playing decks in MTV, TRL ,Combo and PIGRADIO events and clubnights all over Italy playing with Francisco,Spiller,Richard Dorfmeister,Daniele Baldelli,The Gossip. The Stylophonic’s ‘‘Pure ImaginationNow’’ remix was played in heavy rotation on ‘’Dance Revolution’’ on Radio Deejay.
Now in studio producing new tracks and new remixes...